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    1. Summary

      GUANGDONG WELLY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES CO.,LTD was founded in 1980, and it produced China’s firstsingle-tub washing machine with self-developed technology.

      Since theestablishment, Weili has stuck to innovation and kept expanding for over thirtyyears. It has developed from a washing machine producer to a comprehensive householdappliances manufacturer supported by research and development with productsincluding microwave oven, electric smoker, refrigerator, ice-cream maker, icemaker, yogurt maker, beer dispenser. Weili has three R&D and manufacturingbases in South China, North China and Southwest China, 23 sales branches andover 3000 service stations across China. Outside China, Weili expands its marketing network toEurope, the USA, South America,Asia-Pacific region, Middle East and Africa.Weili has established itself in both small and large household appliancesmarkets at home and abroad.


      As the only “King ofWashing Machine Producers” in the industry, Weili has won numerous honors, suchas “National First Level Enterprise”, “National Total Quality Management Award”,“Well-known Trademark”, and its products were among the first batch “National Inspection-freeProducts”, and “Famous Brand in China”. And as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province,it was awarded “Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong” and “Zhongshan Engineering Technology Center” in 2011.

      Based on its foundationbuilt over thirty years and a big market share, Weili, through the systemicintegration of its advantages in products, brands, channels and technology,emerges from the economic wave in China as one of the most shining nationalbrands, which wins the attention and acknowledge from the industry and mediafor creating the “Weili Mode”.


      The growth of the brandrelies on the support and acknowledgement of the consumers, and is rooted inthe Weili idea to provide quality products and services for consumers. Byadhering to the idea, Weili seeks “technology, fashion,environment-friendliness, innovation, cooperation and win-win” in its productdesign, function, brand and style. In the spirit of “unity, dedication,exploration, and innovation”, Weili realizes its vision of being “an industrialleader in Chinaand a famous brand in the world”.